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What is the KPIs Module?

Key Performance Indicators indicate the root cause of your performance and points out valuable insights into your business. Your KPIs are divided into Doctor, Hygiene, and Office sections for easy viewing.

Anytime you see the Breakdown Button, you can drill in for more detail.

Not sure what the definition of a metric is? Whenever you see the " i ", you can click for a definition of the metric.


Want to see KPIs by Provider? Click the Providers Tab for Provider level detail. 


Jordan is the owner of his private practice and wants to find out what his doctor's case acceptance rates are. He started by going to the KPI view on the Front Office Module, then he selected the date he was looking for, and updated the information. Finally, he scrolled down to see the Doctor Section. Using that section, he could see his doctor's Case Acceptance Rate, and make a decision from there if it was in line with his goals for his company.


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