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What is the Operations Module?

The Operations Module is your one-stop shop for performance metrics on all of your assigned locations.

There are 12 various views that the Operations Module contains, including:

Offices - A high-level view of core office metrics, and allows comparison of core office metrics over last year.

Production Details - In depth view of core office metrics, has date and provider filters, allowing deeper look to see the impact of a provider or date range.

Payor - High level view of payors and how they impact your metrics. Look at metrics such as which are the highest producers, adjustments, collections, procedure, per patient visit and per working day.

Performance - View production through provider performance. Review metrics such as schedule production as compared to actual production and how that compares to their goals.

Providers - Review in-depth core metrics about each provider, including their production in terms of per working day, per patient visit, and per procedure.  

Services - Overview of all services in terms of demographics, location, provider, and total fee. 

Trends - Compare production across time and locations. Utilize the Compare Sub-tab to target specific offices for comparison.  

Cancellations - Track your cancelation percentages, reschedules, and total appointment amount for each location. 

Claims - One month overview of when claims were submitted. 

Compliance - A great tab for offices using Medicaid. It provides procedure ratios of each procedure compared to all procedures, completed within a date range by each provider.

Marketing  - View key demographics of your referrals such as payors and zip code, as well as a further breakdown of your patients and their demographics. 

Monthly Practice Scorecards - A 12-month overview of high level KPIs, core financial metrics, as well as tabs to compare the last 12 months to the previous 12 months. 

If you have additional questions, be sure and contact your CSM to learn more.