Weekly Clinical Tasks

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Front Office

  • View your weekly production at a glance using the built in graphs. 
  • Access and review your hygiene recall due and hygiene reappointment percentages. 
  • Quickly locate and resolve your scheduling opportunities by using the metric breakdown list

Hygiene Recall

  • The Hygiene Recall Module provides actionable lists of patients that need follow-up to schedule a hygiene recare appointment by the provider.
  • Create workflows for your team to ensure each of your patients are scheduled for a return visit to keep your hygiene program healthy. 
  • View other key hygiene metrics such as Patient Recall rate by Provider.


  • Easily view office schedule from any location
  • Easily view scheduled and actual production based on the calendar view (daily, monthly, weekly)
  • Access more granular information in the Appointment Detail view. For example, search appointments by procedure code, provider name, or patient name.
  • View goals in comparison to production