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Monthly Clinical Tasks

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Operations > Services, Providers 

  • Quickly get a count of any procedure code/ total fee for each provider in any date range. 
  • View your key provider metrics, and compare it to the previous year. 


  • Track your same-day case acceptance, production per hour, and many other useful metrics useful to providers. 
  • Identify your progress in leading industry metrics for practices and providers. 
  • As a specialty provider track your performance metrics separately from the teams. 

Treatment Miner

  • Automatically displays the last 13 months of case acceptance metrics allowing you to target types of patients appointments, patients for a particular provider, or even identify patients for a marketing campaign. 
  • Allows users to identify unscheduled treatment and missed opportunities and create improved workflows.  
  • Allows you to build a list to recover the largest amount of unscheduled treatment. 

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