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Treatment Miner

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What is the Treatment (TX) Miner Module?

The Treatment Miner allows you to monitor your case acceptance for the previous 12 months in real time and build a productive schedule by highlighting patients with unscheduled treatment needs. It is a virtual gold mine of unscheduled treatment just waiting for you to dig into.

You can customize your report by filtering to your choice of providers, procedures and patients. This allows you to create a custom “fill the schedule” list of patients that have treatment plans for a particular type of treatment.
Click the breakdown icon next to any month to drill into the patient details. You can also create and assign reminders to follow up on unscheduled treatment or export a contact list of patients for a marketing campaign.


Let's say your doctor has an opening for a crown tomorrow.  No need to panic!  

  1. Open up your Treatment Miner module.
  2. Use the procedure code filter to populate anyone who has had a crown treatment planned.
  3. You can now filter based on the month or amount of unscheduled treatment by clicking on the titles.
  4. Click the breakout button next to the month and generate a list of patients,
  5. Click the patient name to get details about the patient and their treatment plan!

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