March 26, 2020

COVID-19: Come Back Stronger

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Your dental practices can come back stronger with the COVID-19 Jarvis Recovery Plan.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for dental practices and groups. Thankfully, there are tools available to help navigate this uncharted territory.

We have created a  5 Step COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Jarvis platform users to implement that will ensure a strong come back for your practices. Additional Resources will continue to be added to our COVID-19 Response Center.

Step 1: Triage Emergency Patients.

Most dental groups have limited the number of locations that are open to patients. Once you have determined which locations will continue to serve urgent patients, these locations will need support to stay healthy and keep patients out of the Hospital ER.

  • Identify patients previously diagnosed with urgent needs using the TX Miner. Letting these patients know which locations are available to treat them should they experience emergency symptoms will enable a pro-active approach to this goal.
  • Our Tips for Practices open to Emergency Patients provides advice on screening patients and keeping the team and patients healthy.

Step 2: Recapture all Cancellations.

Jarvis has a new report available to all clients at no additional cost that captures cancelled appointments across all locations.  Don’t wait until you reopen to contact patients. Contacting patients sooner vs later reminds them you will be there when this passes.

Step 3: Plan for Increased Recare Demand.

Many patients are bound by insurance limitations of 2 cleanings within the year, and closing your doors to preventative care for weeks or months will create a backlog. Planning for additional appointment demand by considering capacity issues and hours of operation will enable meeting patient needs, and using the Hygiene Recall Module ensures you know which patients need to be scheduled for a future hygiene visit.

  • Click here for a tutorial on the Hygiene Recall Report.

Step 4: Set up Auto Reminders.

If your platform includes a patient portal, Auto Reminders can be created to streamline your office workflows. When your teams return to the office, ensure they never fail to follow up on Unscheduled Treatment, Unpaid Claims and Unconfirmed Appointments.

  • Click here to learn how to set up Auto Reminders.

Step 5: Leverage Your Downtime.

Following up on outstanding Accounts Receivable, catching up on required CE and providing your team with additional training are all ways to use this time wisely.

  • We are providing personalized Webinar training sessions to Jarvis Users at no added cost. Email to schedule your session.


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