February 14, 2023

Dentrix, Jarvis and New Patients

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Dentrix, Jarvis and New Patients Video

Dentrix Core offers three settings for defining a new patient: Daysheet, New Patient List, and First Procedure. The default setting is to follow the Dentrix Daysheet, which counts patients as new based on the “First Visit Date” field and whenever they are first charged for a transaction on the patient ledger. This method requires manual updating of the first visit date to the day of the transaction, as it is automatically saved as when the Family file was created.

The second option is the New Patient List setting which is determined in the Family File.

The way to keep track of new patients is dependent on manually changing a new patient from “non-patient” to “patient” whenever the actual first day of the appointment happens.

The final option for sending data to Jarvis is to use the actual first procedure date for the patient count. This method does not show up on the day sheet or new patient list; the benefit of the First Procedure setting is that it counts the patient as new regardless of the accuracy of the “First Visit Date” field.