The KPIs Module

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What is the KPIs Module?

Key Performance Indicators indicate the core metrics that make the most difference in your clinic’s performance and point out valuable insights into your business. The KPI metrics of your KPI module are divided into Doctor, Hygiene and Office sections for easy viewing. 

Anytime you see the Breakdown Button, you can drill in for more detail.


Not sure what the definition of a metric is? Whenever you see the ” i “, you can click for a definition of the metric.

Want to see KPIs by Provider? Click the Providers Button for Provider level detail. The All Toggle can also be used to pull in All providers from your assigned locations. 

For a look into your Specialty Business, click Specialty to change the view to include Oral Surgery, Periodontic, Endodontic, and Orthodontic KPIs.

To narrow the list of KPIs appearing on your Dashboard, connect to your Customer Success Specialist and they will configure the KPIs to match your needs.


Let’s say you want to find out what the doctors case acceptance rate is. You would find out by: 

  1. Opening up your front office module.
  2. Click the KPI tab.
  3. Pick the date range you would like to view and hit update.
  4. Scroll to the Doctor section and view the KPI from there.

How is your doctor doing?  Are they almost to their goal for the month?

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