The Front Office Module

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What is the Front Office Module?

Measure progress to your Goals, keep the front office running smoothly with Daily Tasks and Identify patients that need to be scheduled with Opportunity Lists.

The Front Office Module is a great tool for practice leaders to utilize on a daily basis to drive practice performance and manage workflows.

Use the Front Office Module to:

  • Gain visibility into the practice production, adjustments and collections compared to Monthly Goals.
  • Make daily Production to Goal comparisons so that you stay focused on the days that matter most.
  • Improve management of front office tasks including Confirmations, Patients with Balances and building Provider schedules.
  • Keep an eye on KPIs like Case acceptance and Patient Retention.

The Schedule view includes easy to understand graphs that incorporate your Daily and Monthly Production compared to Goals.

Use the Opportunity Lists to identify the best patients to add to the schedule and even create Reminders for future follow up.

A more productive and efficient practice is within reach by utilizing the Front Office Module daily.



Let’s say if you need to fill the schedule quickly!  The front office is a great place to do this!  You have broken appointments for the month, unscheduled treatment, and hygiene recall due!

  1. Simply open up your front office module and scroll to the bottom.
  2. Select the tab you would like to work from.
  3. You can filter the tabs by clicking on the title- benefits remaining is a popular one!
  4. Click the break out button to see information about the patient.
  5. Scroll to the right and let everyone know if you were able to contact and schedule the patient by clicking on the 3 dots. You will be able to see your progress by clicking on the performance tab at the top of the screen!

Continue on to the other task walkthroughs we have made to learn more about how to use the Front Office Module. 

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