The Marketing Module Module

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What is the Marketing Module?

The Marketing Module is the place for you to analyze and manage your marketing. It has the ability to help you learn about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, which leads are viable, what marketing strategies are working, and which are not.

The Marketing module allows you to track all the ways a potential lead comes in contact with your business. Whether through search engines like Google, or through forms on your company’s website. Knowing how traffic is coming to your clinic will give you great insights into what marketing is working the best, and which methods need to be changed or adapted to produce better results. Applying this information to your marketing practice will save you time and money.

Additionally, this module combines the capacities of a CRM with other features. That means being able to track your leads from initial contact, all the way to production. Additionally, it will sanitize and normalize your leads, simplify the data, and identify leads that are viable and leads that are redundant.

And finally, you can use the marketing module to create and manage marketing tasks, assign the tasks to your team, and manage events and contacts, all within the same module. Continue on to learn more about the Marketing Module.

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