The Morning Huddle Module

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What is the Morning Huddle Module?

The Morning Huddle module allows teams to prepare for their huddles with the click of a button.  Review Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’s Performance all at a glance without pulling manual reports. 

The information icon (i) allows you to drill in for more detail to drive production, including lists of Yesterday’s patients that need follow-up appointments or Today’s patients that have unscheduled treatment needs.

Provide direction to the team by adding notes in the Action to be Taken Today field and ensure providers are set up for success by reviewing their scheduled production for the day. 

Keep communication open by Emailing your Morning Huddle form to any recipients you choose. 

Everyday Use

We always have that last minute cancellation! What is the solution On your morning huddle there is a list of hygiene patients due, patients that have unscheduled family members and unscheduled treatment. To find them, you would:

  • Open the Morning Huddle module.
  • Under Tomorrow click the breakout button next to the metric you would like to view. (Hygiene, family members, or treatment)
  • Click the breakout next to the patient’s name to get their information.
  • Give your patient a call and fill your schedule!

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