Using the End of Day Module

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Using the End of Day Module Video


The End of Day Module (EOD) is a great way to receive a daily snapshot outlining a practice’s daily performance. From the EOD you can print out or email the End of Day report. Use the End of Day report as a communication and accountability tool between the office staff and the leadership team. It allows a daily report to be reviewed, which illustrates where problems are arising. Correctly interpreting this data can allow a team to make quick pivots in production or goals  to address an issue before it begins gaining momentum. Think of it as a health monitor for your business.

Customizing your End of Day report

There are several useful data points in the EOD, and it is important to filter it to your needs. Showing all the information can be overwhelming, so be sure and refine the information you see on the report by going to Profile > Configuration > EOD Settings and using the toggle buttons to filter what is sent out and displayed in your EOD. Only Jarvis User Accounts with Manager level access may access Configuration.


The Office Goals box allows you to see your monthly production goal, remaining production, remaining days to End of the Month, and daily production needed to meet the goal.



  • The EOD report can be sent automatically if a Manager level user has set this up in Configuration > Email Settings, or you can send it manually using the Submit button.  *Not yet available for Ascend, Denticon and Cloud 9 Locations due to sync timing.
  •  You can change the time frame or stay with the default time frame to view data.
  • You can select the metrics shown on the  EOD report in Configuration > EOD Settings if you have manager level access in Jarvis.
  • To the right of the screen, you will see a Sync Percentage field. If this is not at 100%, the production from the entire day has not yet been added to the report.

Trouble with your EOD Report?

We have a few troubleshooting options for you! 

  • Be sure to double-check your email address! It is easy to add an extra character or even a space at the end of your email address. Tiny mistakes like this may lead to a problem of not receiving your EOD Report in your email at the end of the night. 
  • Check your Spam folder.
  • Add to your email contacts to ensure that the email does not end up in your Junk folder.
  • Once you have reviewed the areas mentioned above, if you are still not receiving your report, please send an email to and our support team will help diagnose the issue. 

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