Using the Dashboard Module-Metrics Tab

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Using the Dashboard Module-Metrics Tab Video


The Metrics tab is especially helpful for identifying your top payors, top referrals, and top producing services. Below is a breakdown of the different sections of the Metrics view in Jarvis Analytics.

Section 1: Graphs

In the top section, you will find your key graphs. They will show you your Top 10 Referrals, Top 10 Payors, and Top 10 Services. You can hover over them to see more information. At the bottom of the page, you will see the same information in a table format that can be searched or downloaded into a CSV file. 


Section 2: Referral Scores

Use the Referral Score table to easily view referral sources to help guide your team in understanding what marketing tools are most profitable vs. least profitable. Use the search box to look for a specific referral source. This will only reflect the referrals that you enter into your PMS. 

 Section 3: Payor Scores

Use the Payor Score table to understand the highest return from insurance companies and how many patients you have with each payor. The data reflected here will be based on the date range you have chosen on the Module, and will include patients seen within that date range.  Use the search box to look for specific payors and the information that accompanies them.

 Section 4: Services 

The Services table is a great resource for seeing your most profitable and most completed services within your office. Use the search box to search insurance codes or keywords in order to provide you with whatever pertinent information regarding each individual service you need.


Dr. Smith wants to see how his marketing efforts are impacting his practice. By viewing the Dashboard>Metrics Tab, he is able to look at his Referral Score to see if the billboard that he paid a pretty penny for is worth it. In the table, he sees that the practice generated $10,475 from the billboard. Now, he can easily see if he should renew his terms with the billboard company. 

Dr. Smith is trying to decide which insurance companies he should stay in-network with and which are not very profitable for his practice. By viewing the Payor Score, he recognizes that Altima Dental is creating a loss for him, but Baltic Dental pays out generously. 

Dr. Smith now wants to check on which services are most profitable for the practice. Should his front office staff focus on getting all of those recalls in today or should he focus on getting all of those unscheduled crowns in? In the Services table, he can look at his office’s data to make a choice. Filtering his data correctly will show him the total fee generated by each procedure code as well as the count and % of total production that came from it. 

How to Utilise the Metrics Tab

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