Using the Calendar Module

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The Calendar Module allows you to view provider schedules and scheduled production without logging into the practice management system (PMS). All the various schedules will be combined and displayed in one easy-to-view location, from anywhere on any device. Unfortunately, you cannot edit these appointments directly within Jarvis Analytics, unless you have also added the Jarvis Online Scheduler, allowing you to create appointments in your PMS directly from the Calendar Module or from your website.

Ways to use this module include: 

  • Easily view office schedule from any location
  • Easily view scheduled and actual production based on the calendar view (daily, monthly, weekly)
  • Access more granular information in the Appointment Detail view. For example,   search appointments by procedure code, provider name, or patient name.
  • View goals in comparison to production (Monthly view only)

Let’s review what each view is used for: 

Daily View: The Daily View mimics the columns and times of your Practice Management System’s appointment book. In the upper left corner, you can see your Production and Scheduled Production. You can click on the patient appointment to see the appointment notes, including the provider name and appointment status. You can also identify the patient’s treatment plan and look at their ledger from this view. 

Weekly View: The Weekly View makes it easy to spot openings in the schedule. This is an opportunity for you to help coach your front office team to find and fill holes in the schedule. Similar to the Daily View, there are the dollar amounts in the upper left-hand corner. You can scroll through the weeks to see your booked production, as well as how your actual production compares to your goals.

Monthly View:  The Monthly View is all about goals. It shows new patients, scheduled production, the monthly goal, the actual production, and % production completed compared to the goal per day. 

The Monthly View allows you to select whatever days in the month you want, and it will show the totals from the selected range on the top of the screen. You can toggle between monthly totals and selected range totals. Just click on the day and drag the cursor across the days you would like to select. A great way to use this is if the practice decides to take a 3 day vacation as a team, simply select the days and view the amount of production scheduled in order to choose the best timing to close the office. 

Appointment Details

Appointment Details allow you to use advanced filters at the top of the table to view specific data as well as search for key terms. The filters include:

  • Providers
  • Procedures
  • Patients
  • Appointment Statuses 

For example, if you want to be sure and introduce yourself to new clients, you could  type “New” in the search bar and all your new patients for the date range selected will populate. There are many potential ways to filter this data, all of which just requires you to select what you need. 


Helpful Tip: How to create, find and mark off reminders

Do you get tired of the plethora of sticky notes that you collect to keep track of to-do lists? Use Reminders instead! These will help you recall the details of a patient’s last visit and what they need to do next, and JA will show you those notes when you tell it to! (Unless you like your sticky-note reminder bedecked monitor screen).

How to Create a Reminder: 

  • Click on Calendar
  • Go to any Patient Appointment
  • Click on the Add Reminder button in the top right corner of the screen 
  • Then Enter relevant information to the reminder you are making
  • Then click Add Reminder, and you are done. 

How do you view and approve these reminders? I’m so glad you asked. This helpful gif will illustrate 

  • Got to the Front Office module > Tasks tab > Reminders subtab. Then you can filter for your name to identify any reminders assigned to you. Update Reminders using the ••• Actions button on the far right side of the graph.
  • Remember you can search by patient name or any of the available fields. If you search by Assigned User, it will show you everything within the time frame selected that has been assigned to you. (You can change the time frame at the top of the page to Today, 2 Days, 7 Days, or 30 Days.) 

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