Updating KPI Goals – For Private Practice

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Updating KPI Goals – For Private Practice Video


KPI stands for key performance indicator. They are a quantifiable measure of your team’s performance over time for a specific objective, such as: 

  • Appointments per day
  • Patient visits
  • Reappointment rate
  • Appointments per provider
  • …and many more!

KPIs provide targets for your teams to shoot for, milestones to gauge progress, and insights that help people across the organization make better decisions. When you enter your KPIs into Jarvis Analytics (JA), and combine it with the Morning Huddle and End of Day emails,  you will get real data on your team’s progress. Use these reports to provide accountability for your team, see the progress you have made, and identify where improvements are needed. 


Your team has been struggling to meet their goal of appointments per day. You implement JA’s KPI tool and start to include the report from your Morning Huddle in your team meetings. Your team starts to see the impact of their actions on the progress towards their goals. This helps them to see what they did right and how they can improve their progress.

Notes about Updating KPI Goals

  • Remember: only users that have Manager access will have the ability to update KPI goals. All user accounts across JA will reflect any changes that are made by someone with MANAGER access.

How to Update your KPI Goals

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