Updating End Of Day Form Settings

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Updating End Of Day Form Settings Video


The End of Day Form (EOD Form) is a great way to receive a daily snapshot outlining your practice’s daily performance. You can go back in time or default to today to view data. You can use the End of Day report as a communication and accountability tool between the office staff and the leadership team. This tool, like the Morning Huddle report, can also be sent as an automated reporting tool. There are many different data points that can be included on this report. It is important to view all of these metrics to see what is important to you and your team. 


Here is a copy of an End of Day Form. Notice how there is a lot of data. It is important to just focus on a couple of important numbers to not get overwhelmed by what you see. If you find that you do not need all this information, then you continue reading to find out how to customize this form. 

Click on the hotspots below to view some examples of what clients have used these for. 

How to:

  1. Open up your configurations
  2. Click on your End of day setting:
  3. Click on the 3 dots and edit what you would like to see on your end of day.

Notes about EOD Settings

  • It is important to remember that only Jarvis users that have “Manager” access will have the ability to update these settings and the changes will take place across the entire platform for ALL users.

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