Introduction to TX Miner

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Introduction to TX Miner Video

Measure Case Acceptance success and identify all unscheduled treatment using the Treatment Miner.

The Treatment Miner displays 12 consecutive months of Case Acceptance metrics:

  1. Total dollars treatment planned
  2. Total tx dollars dollars that are scheduled
  3. Total tx dollars that are unscheduled
  4. Total tx dollars resulting in actual production
  5. Percent of tx planned dollars that have been produced
  6. Number of treatment plans presented
  7. Average dollar amount of treatment pans
  8. Percent of patient presented with a treatment plan

Filter the report for specific providers, procedures and patients with the filter windows. This is especially helpful for measuring performance of individual providers, and identifying specific types of unscheduled treatment by procedure code.

For a list of patient detail, click the Month you would like to view. You will be taken to a full list of patients that were presented with treatment plans and the related detail.

This is a great way to fill the schedules of providers and ensure patients are contacted regarding needed treatment.

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