Setting Up Providers – For Private Practices

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Setting Up Providers – For Private Practices Video


Correctly setting up providers in Jarvis Analytics(JAS) is a very important step in using it correctly! Setting up these providers allows you to refine the providers populated in your reports. While providers are imported from your PMS, there is some information that does not come over to JA. You’ll need to enter this information yourself, or you will miss some crucial elements in your reports. Without completing this step, you are missing out on the huge value that Jarvis can provide for you.  


Let’s say you have a provider leave your office, and a new provider takes their place. While your Providers will automatically populate into Jarvis from your Practice Management System(PMS), you have to designate what type of providers they are.  This lesson will teach you how to remove the old provider from populating into your KPIs and End of Day reports and how to assign the new provider to the correct line of business. 

How to Setup Providers for data tracking

Step 1: Navigate to page

Click on your Profile in the top right corner of the screen, and then click  Confirguration from the drop down menu. It is important to note that only JA Users that are assigned the role of Manager will have access to the Configuration Module. 

Step 2: Select the Providers tab

Step 3:  Enable your active providers and select their line of business or specialty.


You can’t edit providers in Jarvis

All provider IDs and names come directly over from your Practice Management System (PMS). You cannot edit any provider information within JA. You can make changes directly in your PMS and those changes will happen with JA the next time it syncs with your PMS. (This is dependent on the type of PMS you have.) 

Providers with multiple roles

You must enter providers with multiple lines of business (LOB)/roles separately in your PMS. Jarvis Analytics currently only tracks one LOB per provider name. For example, if you have a doctor that does restorative treatment but also does a little bit of ortho, all production associated with that Provider ID in the PMS will be listed under the line of business you associate the Provider ID to in JA. The Line of Business that you select for each Provider ID will determine which KPI category the Provider ID is included in on the KPI Module. It will also impact the Line of Business Filter available on many Modules in JA as well as how the Production appears on the End of Day Module.

 If you have a situation like this, and you would like to be more granular in the tracking of a provider’s production, simply create another Provider ID within your PMS for each LOB the provider has. To illustrate,  you should see something like this for the provider.

Step 4: Set the filters to your desired view. 

Ensure your visibility is set to the correct level. If you have deselected a provider, they will be in the Hidden category.  


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