Provider Settings

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The Provider Settings in Configuration ensures providers are set up in your Jarvis platform accurately.

Provider information is downloaded directly from your Practice Management Software (PMS). New Providers will automatically populate in Jarvis as soon as transactions are charged out to their Provider ID. When new Providers join your practice / organization, a Jarvis User with Configuration access will need to enable the correct Provider Type Toggle.

To ensure your Provider data is displayed correctly, it is important to ensure Provider IDs are attributed to the correct Provider Type. For example, a General Dentist would be toggled as DOCTOR while an Endodontist would be toggled as ENDO.

The Provider Type toggles will drive what type of KPI the Provider is included in, and also impacts certain Line of Business filters and Categories on reports like the End of Day.

Untoggling a provider will not hide them from Jarvis if transactions continue to be posted to that Provider ID, but it will exclude them from being factored into certain KPIs.

Information displayed from the PMS

  • Provider Name
  • Provider ID
  • Location
  • Last Active Date
  • Production amount from last 3 years

Assigning Provider Types

Before handing your platform over to you, the Jarvis team will Apply the Default Rules. This will match each provider type to the Line of Business that your PMS has associated with the provider.

  • General Dentists should all have the Doctor toggle activated.
  • Hygienists should have Hygiene toggle activated.
  • Specialists should have┬áthe correct Specialty toggle (Oral Surgery, Perio, Pedo, Endo, Ortho) activated.

As you review each provider, check to ensure the the following:

  1. Is this provider matched to the correct Line of Business?
  2. Is this provider still active at this location?
  3. Do I want this provider’s production to contribute to particular line of business goals? (Example, if a general dentist does an Invisalign case, do you want that the production to count towards the practice Ortho Goal? If so, ensure that the Ortho toggle is also activated.)

Hiding Providers

If this is a provider that is no longer with the practice, and you would like to hide them from your Provider List in Configuration, you can activate the Hide toggle. The historical production will not be impacted for comparison purposes, but the provider will not continue to show on provider level reports.

To unhide a provider that has been hidden, click the Hidden tile at the top of the page and you can unhide providers using the toggle.

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