Operations Metrics

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Operations Metrics Video

Compare and rank multiple locations and providers on a variety of metrics.

The two views in the Operations Module we will explore in this lesson are Offices and Providers.

Be sure to use the Filters to use the correct View and filter to the desired Brand, Region or Location. The Date Picker can also be adjusted to include any date range.

  • Both Views include Production, Collections, and Patient Visit (Including New Patients) data.
  • The Offices View also includes Retention and averages results in Per Working Day, Per Patient Visit and Per Procedure formats.
  • The Providers View will include Total results for each provider, as well as averages by Day, Patient Visit and Procedure.

The Compare function can be used to populate Trend arrows to compare results to the same dates last year.

The Top 20% ranking locations or providers will be displayed in Green for each metric, the Bottom 20% ranking will display in Red and everyone else will display in Yellow. Click on the header of each column to sort highest to lowest or return to default.

You can also download into a PDF or CSV file format.

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