Improving Hygiene Reappoint

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Improving Hygiene Reappoint Video


Using our extensive research into best practices for the continued growth of a dental office, Jarvis Analytics has identified several key indicators in common areas where improvement can have a huge return. Hygiene Reappointment is one of those areas. Hygiene Reappoint refers to the patients that have been in the office recently for a recall visit but they left prior to scheduling their next appointment. The ideal Hygiene reappointment rates should be around 90%. Using the Practice Potential Module in Jarvis Analytics, you can identify who these likely clients are, and potentially identify a great source of continued production. 


If you see 50 hygiene appointments a day, 45 of them should schedule their next appointment BEFORE they walk out of your practice. However, we know that this does not always happen. You will always have a few that “need to check their calendar” or may not know their schedule 6 months in advance. By viewing the information on the Front Office > Hygiene Reappoint tab, you can quickly identify those patients who need to schedule a follow-up appointment.  Once you have identified them, use one of these simple scripts to help you get their next hygiene appointment scheduled.. 

  • “Let’s get you scheduled for your next appointment so you don’t have to worry about it!” 
  • “Your appointment went so well today! Let’s get you setup next appointment on the books today.” 
  • “Let’s get something scheduled today and if you check your calendar when you get home and it doesn’t work for you, give us a call and we can move it for you.”

The increase in revenue using this tool alone can be extensive. Jarvis Analytics makes it  easy for you to follow up on those patients that couldn’t schedule on their way out.

How to 

Go to your Front Office Module and scroll down to the bottom tables. Make sure you are looking at the Hygiene Reappoint tab. Using the search box to filter UNSCHEDULED appointments or click the STATUS row to sort UNSCHEDULED appointments to the top. (You can also type “unscheduled” in the search box and it will filter the list for you!)

*Patient information in these photos is fictional.

This can be used as a workable list. Once you reach out to the patient, scroll to the right and click the three small dots to update the status of that appointment. If you select Contacted-Scheduled, the patient will automatically be removed from this list.

If you select either of the remaining options, you can set up a reminder for a later date to follow up with them again or do nothing to keep the patient on this list.

Notes about 

  • This is a great area to go if a provider has available chair time in their schedule. Type the provider’s name in the search box and see a list of their patients that are in need of an appointment.
  • To view a list of completed tasks, click the Completed toggle at the top of the table
  • Correlate this with Reminders to create some extra utility


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