How to use the Hygiene Recall Module

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How to use the Hygiene Recall Module Video


The Hygiene Recall Module provides actionable lists of patients that need follow-up to schedule a hygiene recare appointment. This ensures that patients not pre-booked for their Recare appointment receive a follow-up.


Kasia is a hygienist who realized that her schedule is pretty open for the next couple of days. She has some extra expenses coming up, so she decided to take scheduling her appointments into her own hands. Using the Hygiene Recall module, she uses the following workflow:

  • identifies 21 patients with outstanding appointments
  • sets up bulk reminders to call all 21 of them throughout the next month
  • and then calls a few

Throughout the next 3 weeks, she continues to return to the bulk reminders she created until she has called them all and kept her schedule full. Once they have all been called, she returns to the Hygiene Recall module to do the same thing over again.

How to Use the Hygiene Recall module

  1. Go to the Hygiene Recall Module. (For Jarvis Solo customers, go to Front Office Module content to learn how to find similar information)
  2. Set a Date range using the Date Picker to include patients that were seen within the time frame.
  3. Select from the Location dropdown the office or location you would like to look at. Then click Apply and Refresh to update the data table.
  4. Using the column headers, filter for your desired demographics. (Examples: Highest Missed Recalls, Most Patient recalled, Highest # of Future Appointments, etc.)
  5. Using the Missed Recall column, open the breakout box, select patients to call, assign a due date, and finally assign them to yourself to call.
  6. See Using the Front Office Module to follow up on how to find and complete reminders.

Enjoy watching your Patient Recall Rate % grow to new heights!

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