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Hygiene Recall

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Hygiene Recall Video

Ensure patients that are not pre-booked for their Recare appointment receive follow up.

The Hygiene Recall Module provides actionable lists of patients that need follow up to schedule a hygiene recare appointment.

  1. Select a Location of choose ALL from the Location Menu to generate a list that includes all locations.
  2. Set a Date range using the Date Picker to include patients that were seen within that time frame.
  3. A list of Providers will appear along with the number of Patients Missed (not scheduled) and Patients successfully Recalled (scheduled).
  4. Click the number value of Patients Missed, or Click the red person icon to generate a list of patients needing to be contacted.
  5. The Last Hygiene Visit Date is displayed for consideration when scheduling.
  6. Download the work list into a CSV file or create a follow up reminder by clicking the box next to the patient name, and then selecting Create Reminder.

Enjoy watching your Patient Recall Rate % grow to new heights!

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