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Better understand the financial performance of your practice with the Financials Module.

The Financials Module makes it easy to understand the strengths and opportunity areas for any practice location, or compare all locations to rank Top and Bottom 20%.

Gain valuable insights into:

  • The relationship between Production, Patient Visits and Production per Patient for any timeframe
  • Trends in Production, Collections, Adjustments and Patient Visits compared to Prior Year, Goal of Company Average
  • Metrics per Practice, Provider or even per Procedure
  • The makeup of Adjustment and Procedure Types for any date range
  • Trend graphs for Production, Adjustments, Collections, Patient Visits and New Patients compared on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis

Use the Financials>Score Cards to get an idea of the types of Procedures you are providing, the Service Codes being used most, as well as the payment methods most often used for Collections.

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