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Entering Goals

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Enter your goals for Production, Collections, Patient Visits and New Patients to customize your Jarvis Platform.

From the Configuration Module, click Office Goals to enter Goal amounts.

You can enter goals for one location at a time or for multiple locations, by selecting ALL from the Location filter. You will need to enter your goals by month, so ensure the correct Month is selected in the Month and Year window. 

Be sure you enable the correct Goal Setting, which should match the values of the goals you are planning to enter. For example, if you plan to enter Monthly Goal amounts, enable Monthly. We recommend using Monthly amounts, because Jarvis will auto-calculate Daily Goals for you based on the Location’s Calendar Settings and Closed Days.

There are two ways to enter your goals into Jarvis:

  1. Directly by clicking the Action Button. 
  2. Via CSV file by clicking Upload CSV.


Goals can be entered for Gross and Net Production, Collections, Patient Visits, New Patients and Hygiene Visits.

You can also enter Production Goals  for Oral Surgery, Invisalign, Perio, Pedo, Orthodontics, and Endodontics by clicking Specialty Goals and following the same process.

For accurate Daily Goal calculations, be sure to visit Calendar Settings and update the Daily Schedule, Days Open and Closed Days.

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