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Jarvis Analytics (JA) allows you the ability to have the End of Day and the Morning Huddle reports be automatically sent to the inboxes of any team members in your practice. This allows your team to all have the same information and stay on track with your company goals and KPIs.

Note: Denticon, Dentrix Ascend, and Cloud 9 PMS are on a once-per-day data sync and therefore are not recommended for automated reports, since the data will not be real-time.


You have set goals and KPIs for your team that need to be accomplished within a certain time frame. By setting up automated emails, you can remind them daily of their goals, show them where they are in terms of their progress, and help them see what metrics they need to improve upon, which leaves you more time to work on other things. Ah, the joy of automation! 

How to Automate Emails

Step 1: Go to Email Settings

  • In the top right corner of the Jarvis Website, click on your profile, then Configuration, then click the Email Settings tab. 

Step 2: Select reports and Enter emails 

  • Simply toggle which report you want sent to ON or OFF.
  • Now in the “Emails To” field, enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to send emails to, and click Add to after each email.

Step 3: Enter email arrival time 

Enter the time in the “Email sending time” box to the time you would like the report to arrive. The Email sending time is always based on Central Standard Time. 

Step 4: Save your changes 

Click Save and the user emails you have entered will begin receiving daily emails. 

Notes about Automating Emails

  • Be sure to enter a time that is about 1 hour after close of business for the practice to ensure all data is synced and ready to display accurately on your EOD email.
  • If you schedule the report time for 7:00 p.m. CST, you will see an email message containing the EOD report for that day and a Morning Huddle report for the next day.
  • Ensure your Email box is set to receive emails from Jarvis Analytics so that these emails do not get set to your junk or spam email box.
  • You will want to also ensure that your Calendar Settings are complete to ensure that you receive emails on your Open Days only.

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