Morning Huddle

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Morning Huddle Video

The Morning Huddle module allows teams to prepare for their huddles with the click of a button. Review Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’s Performance all at a glance without pulling manual reports. Provide direction to the team and ensure providers are set up for success by reviewing their scheduled production for the day.

Select the date that you'd like, view all providers or you have the ability to select specific providers, and always remember to press the REFRESH button in order to populate the data you selected.
Another great way to use the Morning Huddle is to click on any of the SCORECARDS to get an idea of how you did for the day. View how close you were to your goal, production by provider and even a broken appointments report for the day so you can easily follow up with those patients.

Remember to hover over your "i" icons to view the definition of the metric you are looking at and also click on the breakout button to easily see a breakdown of the metric.

Your Morning Huddle report can be set up to automatically be sent to your email inbox(you can do this in Settings>Email Settings) or you can manually send your report by scrolling to the bottom of the report and click "Send as Email".

*All names displayed are fictional.