Updating Morning Huddle Settings

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Updating Morning Huddle Settings Video


The Morning Huddle module allows teams to prepare for their huddles with the click of a button. The three main parts of the Morning Huddle report include:

  • Review Yesterday - See how your team performed the previous day in the metrics that you have set up to track.
  • Today- Show what is on the books for today and what tasks you can complete when you have the patients in the office. 
  • Tomorrow- What can we do to make tomorrow better?

There are over 40 metrics that can be seen on the report. In order to decide what is best for your office, go to your Settings tab and click on Huddle Settings to add/remove metrics from your Morning Huddle report.


Sam is the owner of a dental office. He likes to use the Morning Huddle and the View Scorecard features to review what his team accomplished yesterday, and to provide training or coaching opportunities forhis team about actions they can take together to get closer to the goals set for the month.

He can also tell which team member contributed the most to scheduled appointments.  Jarvis Tips cangive helpful insight into where things fell short, as well as show his team’s overall progress.

How to Update your MH Settings

  1. Open Configurations.
  2. Click on Huddle Settings.
  3. Click on the three dots icon and edit the information you would like to see on your Morning Huddle.

Notes about the Morning Huddle setting: 

**It is important to remember that only Jarvis users that have Manager access will have the ability to update these settings and the changes will take place across the entire platform for ALL users.