Getting Started - Clinical

Estimated read time: 2 mins

Welcome to Jarvis Analytics. As a part of the clinical team of your company, Jarvis can assist you in a variety of ways which would include: 

  • At a glace, see your entire schedule for the day, week or month, without having to login to your PMS. 
  • Identifying your: 
    • case acceptance rates, 
    • production per hour, 
    • Production per visit or per day
  • Quickly identify overdue treatments that your patients might have. 

To use this course, Simply click through the buttons above that highlight how you can use Jarvis daily, weekly, and monthly for your role. It is important to understand that there are many ways to use Jarvis, and what this course will show you is just the beginning of the ways that Jarvis can be used. If you have further questions about a module or feature, use the module section, which will teach you more about each module and its usages, or look at our series of blogs, which cover cool tips and tricks from our suppor team.