Monthly Office Manager Tasks

Estimated read time: 5 mins

Front Office 

  • Review your goals and team efforts for the past month and use what you find to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Use the KPI view to monitor or report on your team's performance compared to the group’s average. 
  • Easily identify top performers in your team members. 


  • Displays core metrics such as Production, Adjustments, Collection and Patient Visit Metrics per Office, Per Working Day, Per Patient, and Per Procedure.
  • Use the Performance tab to view your location’s performance against the monthly goal, also view actual and scheduled production for the months ahead.
  • Use the Trends tab to get a visual representation of your office’s performance. 


  • This is a great module to frequent monthly as you action plan for the month ahead and prepare to meet your organization’s financial goals and reflect on how your office performed.