Patient Portal (COVID-19)

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Patient Portal (COVID-19) Video

Access your patient database to take action and come back stronger.

The Patient Portal in Jarvis allows you to create custom lists of your patient base with contact information from anywhere. It is a helpful tool to download patient email and phone contacts on demand when you need them most.

Even if your practice is temporarily closed, keep in regular contact with patients to ensure they return. Come back to more efficient and productive practices by setting up Auto Reminders for the front office teams.

Features of the Patient Portal:

  • Add a Filter to generate a list of patients last seen with any value of days you choose.
  • Add additional demographic filters based on age, balance and gender for targeted marketing.
  • Download a complete list of patients contact information that can be exported for patient communication purposes.
  • Create custom Auto Reminders for confirmations, balances, broken appointments and unscheduled visits.


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