Introduction to Patient Portal

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Introduction to Patient Portal Video

Create a custom list of patients meeting criteria you select, and follow up on Reminders for unscheduled treatment and recall appointments.

Each front office team member will need to access the Patient Portal on a daily basis, to take action on important reminders and identify the best patients to contact to fill the schedule. Reminders can also be followed up on in the Tasks View of the Front office Module.

The PATIENTS View in the Patient Portal can be filtered by applying various filters from the Add Filter Menu to create a targeted list of patients meeting criteria of your choice.

You can apply as many filters as you prefer and even use the SAVE feature to lock your Filter choices in for future use.

Example: Dr. Rivera is looking to work a few extra days next month but he wants them to be very profitable. He tells Jenny, his treatment coordinator, to find some patients that have large procedures unscheduled. In order to have better luck with scheduling, he tells her to find patients that still have remaining insurance benefits. Jenny is unsure how to do this with such specific parameters until she remembers that she can use the Patient Portal in Jarvis to help.

As you can see, Jenny was able to create a list of ACTIVE patients, with REMAINING BENEFITS greater than $500, UNSCHEDULED CROWN PROCEDURES and LAST SEEN this year. She can now do multiple things with the list such as Export into a spreadsheet, work directly through Jarvis or even create REMINDERS to follow up with these patients.


The REMINDERS View of the Patient Portal contains a list of all the Reminders that have been created in Jarvis in order to follow up with patients.

Reminders are created one of two ways:

  • Auto Reminders are Enabled (How to Setup AutoReminders)
  • Manually created from the TX Miner, Hygiene Recall or the Patient Information Card.

You can choose to display Reminders assigned only to you or to others by using the Assigned To filter.

Use the Drop Down REMINDER TYPE field to filter to one type of Reminder at a time, or you can leave all types displayed.

Click the box next to patient’s name to view patient information details, including contact information, insurance $ remaining, treatment plan dollars and appointment history.

Click the three green dots in the Action column to record your Follow Up Action in Jarvis.

Once you have completed a Reminder Task, you will need to choose an outcome for the Reminder by clicking Update Reminder. You can also Reschedule a Reminder by clicking Update Due, Assign to a different Team Member by clicking Assign Reminder or Remove the Reminder by clicking Delete.

Special notes regarding Reminders:

  • Reminders can only be deleted by the user than the Reminder belongs to
  • Notes made in Reminders can be viewed in some Practice Management Systems if Writeback functionality is supported and turned on.

Use the Performance Tab to view accountability!

The Performance Tab will keep track of all Reminders whether they have been worked or are still untouched. Here, you are able to see how many Reminders are assigned to each team member and how many they have worked on. This creates an accountability process between Managers and Team Members.


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