Introduction to the Front Office Module

Estimated read time: 20 mins
Introduction to the Front Office Module Video

Measure progress to your Monthly and Daily goals, build a more productive schedule and keep the front office running smoothly with Daily Tasks and Reminders.

The Front Office Module is a great tool for practice leaders to utilize on a daily basis to drive practice performance.

Use the Front Office Module to:

  • Identify the best patients to follow up with for maximum return in an efficient manner.
  • Use Automated Reminder Workflows to ensure every patient opportunity is captured.
  • Gain visibility into the practice production, adjustments and collections compared to Monthly Goals.
  • Make Daily Production to Goal comparisons.
  • View Month to Date production to goal and Scheduled production to track your progress in real time.
  • Improve management of front office tasks including Confirmations, Missing patient data, Insurance follow up and building Provider schedules.

This Introductory Course Video will provide an overview to get you started on leveraging the power of this Module today.

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