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What is Jarvis Scheduler?



Benefits of Online Booking

According to Becker, businesses utilizing self-scheduling experience a staggering 17% reduction in no-show rates, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient appointment process. Not only that, but online scheduling has shown to attract 26% more new customers, as reported by Yocale. Another study found that 87% of potential new patients don't leave a message or book an appointment when reaching voicemail. By implementing online scheduling, you seize every chance to connect with patients and drive your success forward. With the average time to book an appointment online being less than a minute, compared to the arduous 8.1 minutes over the phone, your patients just might prefer to do it themselves. By switching to online scheduling, you also provide your customers with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Embrace online scheduling today, and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your revenue, patient satisfaction, and overall success!

Additional references:

  • 26% of customers choose to schedule an appointment for the same or the next day (SolutionReach).
  • 87% of potential new patients do not leave a message or book an appointment when reaching voicemail (CallTracker).
  • 40% of all online medical appointments are for the same or the next day (Dental Economics, 2021).
  • Online appointment scheduling allows two extra patients to be seen every day (Deloitte).
  • A 30% to 45% revenue increase is highly possible with appointment scheduling software (Yolantis).
  • 59% of customers are discontented with being put on hold and the disruptive office hours associated with phone bookings (GetApp, 2021)
  • Physicians who offer online appointments alongside phone appointments were booked 24% more than those who offer phone appointments only(Dental Economics, 2021).
  • Businesses offering appointment scheduling options online observed a 24% increase in call volume (Healthgrades).


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